MS-2200 Series

Also known as the Solar Energy Lighting Brick, the MS - 2200 Series is designed for safety purposes.
The MS - 2200 adds functional beauty to landscape and construction design as well. This popular replacement for conventional incandescent lighting systems is a definite step forward in the future of lighting technology.

"The Solar Energy Lighting Brick was the #7 most requested product of 2005 by Custom Home Outdoors magazine."

MS - 2200 Features

LED Features
Type:   High intensity emiting diode
Quantity:   4 pcs
Automatic On/Off at ambient illuminance level 150 - 250 Lux.
Temperature Rating:    -40 to 74°C
Material:   AllnGap II / InGan

Color & Spec
Color/Illuminance Average (Lux):   Red/22, Yellow/27, Green/52, Blue/13 and White/26
Solar Cell:    Single Crystalline Solar Cell
Storage/Type:   LiFe4 (Lithium Iron 4) Battery
                     3.2 V / 600 mA/h
Life Cycle:   Minimum 5 Years

Solar Road Markers
USA solar brick
Mexico solar brick
Mexico solar
brick energy
brick power
brick path
pavement brick
wall brick
lighting brick


Beware of imitation "Made in China" solar powered road markers. Insist on Solar Markers, manufactured in accordance to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) rigorous standards. Solar Markers holds the most solar powered road marker patents in the USA, Europe, Australia, South America and Korea.

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