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Welcome to the homepage of Solar Markers, Co.
We are very proud to be the leading manufacturer of
the solar powered L.E.D. illuminated road marker systems;
the next generation in pavement marker systems.

Reliable and durable quality has been proved for over 15 years.
We accept newest technology for extraodinary LED marker
Our products have longer product life than any others
TÜV ASTM D 4280 – 04 & FITI Test approved

Where once believed to be a technically unachievable task of producing a self-powered and
self-illuminating pavement marker that is practical, affordable, and functionally reliable
in its real world applications, it was our long-term commitment and dedication to road safety enhancement that have resulted in the introduction of our innovative and revolutionary product line, Miracle Solar Road Markers MS Series

Solar Cell
Employing the latest in solar cell technology for its power source and
aerospace material engineering,
Miracle Solar Road Markers L.E.D. illumination is entirely self-contained,
fail-safe, reliable, and virtually maintenance free.
Solar Miracle road markers are designed to be durable enough to
withstand the punishment of Germany's autobahn traffic and yet
compact enough in size dimensions to meet U.S. highway specification requirements.

We invite you to examine and discover the "MIRACLE" of Miracle Solar Road Markers and
imagine for yourself how it can enhance the safety of your next "bends" on the roads...

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"First and only product to offer the most advanced newest technology of a Super Capacitor unit as an energy source."

The SolarMarker's solar-rechargeable, L.E.D. illuminated raised road/pavement markers are a low cost, maintenance-free and effective alternative to overhead street lighting. Our solar road marker is powered by a very efficient and long lasting "Super Capacitor", SolarMarker MS-series road markers/studs provide superior road/path visibility while avoiding the problems associated with battery-powered solar road markers/studs.

As part of the green energy savings' program, consequently, all SolarMarkers' products included solar road markers are a lead-free and no toxic substances in contrast to most types of batteries, and are serviceable for over 12 years.

–  L.E.D. self-illuminating solar road markers provide a significant increase in the effective warning distance for drivers.

–  Unlike conventional reflective markers, Miracle Solar Road Markers are visible up to a mile away, therefore helping to prevent accidents.

–  They emit rather than reflect light, which is useful particularly on road sections that are unable to pick up the headlight beam.

–  Effective yellow light-diodes draw, but not distract from the drivers' attention (also available in blue, red, green & white).

–  Easy to install with virtually no maintenance.