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Solarmarkers Product Concept

Economical and easy to maintain. Avoid the problems associated with battery-powered markers.

Reliable & Durable Quaility has been proved for over 15 years
Accept Newest Technology for extraordinary LED marker
Longer Product Life
TÜV ASTM D 4280 – 04 & FITI Test approved
Design & Concept - Page 1

The concept for SolarMarkers products is simple: Improve road and pavement markers by increasing their visibility and help prevent accidents. What we developed are weather resistant units packaged with solar-powered L.E.D.s, (Luminescent Emitting Diodes). The solar power provides the free electricity to the markers to automatically sparkle at night without any other external sources of energy.

Design & Concept - Page II

– Solar energy is limitless and it's free!
– Solar energy is clean and good for the environment.
– Solar energy is consistent and can generate the units at a fixed rate.
– Power generation is possible even during times when sun light is diffused.

Design & Concept - Page III