MS-100 Series

Besides being the smaller more economical model, the MS - 100 Series certainly does not lack any of the advantages of our solar powered pavement markers. Featuring the world's first and only 'CAPACITOR' unit cell products technology,

MS - 100 is available with several options.
MS - 100C : With the shaft
MS - 100A : Without the shaft

Provides clear and visible traffic guidance
in all weather conditions !

MS - 100 Features

LED Features
Type: High intensity emiting diode
Quantity: 2 pcs/side | Power Current: 5~7 mA/Hr
Reflectors: True Cube-Corner type reflex (U.V. stabilized: # LEXAN 143) Special hard coat for abrasional purpose
Brightness: 5,000mcd/one side
Visibility: (Approx) 1 mile

Emission Color
Standard: Yellow (Amber), Red
Optional: White, Blue, Green

Optional Fog Activation feature is also available for this model

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Beware of imitation "Made in China" solar powered road markers. Insist on Solar Markers, manufactured in accordance to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) rigorous standards. Solar Markers holds the most solar powered road marker patents in the USA, Europe, Australia, South America and Korea.

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