MS-200 Series

Tougher and larger in size, the heavy-duty MS - 200 series is ideal for the roughest road conditions. With the "CAPACITOR" unit cell technology, the MS-200 series aids safer road travel for years to come. There are several options available with this model.

MS - 200C : With the shaft
MS - 200A : Without the shaft
MS-200 A & C - Bi Directional (Two Way) or One way or Combination is possible

"Reduce accidents caused by sharp corners, blind spots and low visible center lines!"

MS - 200 Features

LED Features
Type: High intensity emiting diode
Quantity: 2 pcs/side | Power Current: 8~10 mA/Hr
Reflectors: True Cube-Corner type reflex (U.V. stabilized: # LEXAN 143) Special hard coat for abrasional purpose
Brightness: 5,000mcd/one side
Visibility: (Approx) 1 mile

Emission Color
Standard: Yellow (Amber), Red
Optional: White, Blue, Green

Single or Double-Sided with optional color combinations for each side | Optional Fog Activation feature is also available for this model

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